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The Durability and Efficiency of the WaterHog Diamond Mat

Raised diamond pattern floor mats from DWR effectively scrape away outdoor materials that could track throughout a facility and trap them with their exclusive rubber dam border, reducing slip risks and flooring damage.

Choose from an array of colors to complement any decor or logo application, which is especially important for businesses that prioritize keeping a sanitary working environment and maintain high levels of professionalism.

Waterhog Diamond Mats are built to withstand the wear-and-tear of everyday use while resisting mildew, mold, rot and tear. WaterHog Diamond mat -dyed polypropylene fiber system dries quickly without wearing out; while its ridged design scrapes shoes cleanly and holds debris at its surface away from other areas in your facility. Meanwhile, sturdy rubber-reinforced face nubs help prevent pile crushing for extended life and performance.

This commercial doormat comes equipped with either a fabric (Fashion Diamond) or rubber (Classic Diamond) border to suit any application, including popular choices like red, blue and gray.

Waterhog Fashion Diamond custom colors make a striking statement in high traffic areas, while still remaining durable enough for daily vigilance and periodic deep cleans. Vacuuming regularly or extracting with extraction cleaning methods such as extraction cleaning may be sufficient in keeping up appearances; for deeper cleans, periodic deep hosing down may be required for optimal cleaning results.

The Waterhog Classic Diamond Mat features a premium 24 oz/yd face weight 100% polypropylene fiber system, designed to dry quickly without fading or rotting, with an innovative ridged construction to trap dirt & moisture from shoes while keeping it away from your floors. Choose between an eye-catching fabric border (Diamond Fashion) or eco-friendly rubber border (Diamond Classic).

Both styles are certified high-traction by the National Floor Safety Institute, offering low profile designs that help prevent trip hazards. Both styles are also reusable and designed for easy maintenance by simply vacuuming regularly for regular upkeep.

Raised-rubber water dam borders help retain moisture for extended performance life of these stain-resistant mats. With their stain resistant surface and ability to hold 1.5 gallons of water per square yard, these durable stain-resistant mats are an ideal choice for commercial buildings such as hotels, restaurants, healthcare facilities and office buildings. An anti-static fiber system protects against voltages up to 1.6K as measured by AATCC.

The 3×4 Waterhog Fashion Diamond Mat boasts a durable structure designed to effectively trap dirt and moisture at your office building or retail area’s entranceway, freeing janitorial crews to focus more on maintaining welcoming entryways instead of cleaning floors throughout your facility. This allows them to focus their efforts on keeping these spaces as clean as possible while welcoming visitors in.

This attractive matting is constructed of durable polyester and polypropylene fiber system that quickly dries, won’t fade or rot, and features an innovative ridged design which scrapes shoes clean while holding dirt and moisture below shoe level to prevent it from tracking onto floors.

These mats feature either cleated or smooth rubber backing for carpeted floors, or eco-friendly reclaimed rubber backing for hard floor placement, making them suitable for high traffic locations such as schools, commercial buildings, hotels, restaurants and healthcare facilities. Furthermore, logo applications can help enhance brand image while adding visual appeal; plus there’s plenty of colors to suit any decor in any area!

Durable rubber-reinforced nubs arranged in a diamond pattern on this mat dislodge and collect debris, keeping your facility clean and free of contaminants. Plus, its eco-friendly backing made of recycled rubber reduces landfill waste by over four half-liter bottles per square foot!

The premium 24-ounce anti-static 100% polypropylene fiber system dries quickly and won’t fade or rot, while its unique ridged construction effectively removes dirt and moisture, keeping it below shoe level on the mat where it belongs. An exclusive raised rubber “Water Dam” border keeps excess liquid off of the floor to minimize slipperiness and floor damage. Easily cleaned using routine carpeted floor cleaning methods; available with either standard smooth or cleated backings; the latter is especially suited to carpeted areas as it will stop mat movement during heavy traffic flow.

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