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The Uniform

The adjective word uniform can be defined as: the same, consistent, undifferentiated and like in nature. When the word uniform is used a noun it represents the official or distinctive cloths worn by a unique group that are like in nature or

Many professional organizations use uniforms to distinctly identify their work force. Police offices and Fire fighters have uniforms that are distinct and functionally appropriate for the needs of their profession. These groups’ outfits consist of a uniform shirt, uniform jacket and a uniform pant. These uniforms are iconic in nature and distinctly identify specific groups in the culture that we all live in. The police uniform is consistent in pretty much whatever culture one may live in. Another example of a uniform that is easily identifiable in all cultures is the military or soldier uniform. The uniform helps to establish the way in which we act to the people wearing the uniform. One is less inclined to act disorderly in front of a police man or a soldier as a sign of respect or fear of being arrested or detained.The Valley - Uniform Living Uniform Living

Uniforms represent many other types of organizations as well. Professional sports teams all have their own distinct uniforms that represent the fact that group is unified and functionally offers the physical design criteria that are needed to play the game. Football uniforms are designed to fit over the padding that is needed to play the game, baseball uniforms are designed for comfort and sport identification, runners have loose fitting breathable clothing and swimmers have tight fitting streamlined clothing designed for maximum movement through the water. The need to identify ones group does not just reside with sports teams. Organizations like the boy and girl scouts have uniforms, certain schools use unique uniforms, cooks use specific chef aprons and many other professions like doctors, nurses, janitors, fast food workers and business people all have their own uniforms.

Some organized sports offer the uniform jacket to signify seniority. The biker gang uses the uniform jacket to identify the gangs specific colors and name. There are corporations the use the shirt uniform to highlight their corporate brand and there are certain trade professions that need to use the uniform pant, such as the painter who wears painters’ pants that offer large pockets and holders for paint brushes.

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